Lava Divers - Tearsfall (Official Music Video)

Lava Divers - "Carte Blanche" (Official Music Video)

Lava Divers - "Love Is" @ Casa do Mancha/São Paulo-SP
Lava Divers - "On a Flag Hill" (Official Music Video)

Lava Divers - "Carte Blanche" @ Casa do Mancha/São Paulo-SP

Lava Divers - "Done" (Official music video)

Quando os distantes 90’s foram tomados de assalto pelas guitar bands, o mundo parecia realmente fazer todo sentido. Rruídos, amores, excessos e desilusões, tudo fora expurgado dos guetos e inferninhos e atingiu o ápice total.
Mas o sonho dourado não durou muito tempo, e tudo aquilo voltou pro gueto novamente, e é exatamente aí que nossa historia começa...

Imagine você quatro garotos(as) longe dos centros urbanos mais descolados, leia-se São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, se mantiveram trancafiados durante anos, ouvindo aquelas tão adoradas guitar bands, e se prepararam, montaram um plano, e depois de muito tempo foi iniciado.

Radicados no Triângulo Mineiro, Joe Porto(pediatra, guitarra e voz), Glauco Ribeiro (arquiteto, baixo e voz), Ana Zumpano (atriz, bateria e voz) e Eddie Shumway, cineasta, guitarra e voz) juntaram, em 2014, seus excessos, desilusões, barulhos e principalmente seus amores e deram início ao plano sob a alcunha de Lava Divers.
No mesmo ano, nossos heróis atacaram, e surgiu então, “Lava Divers” o EP (e o estrago foi imediato). Apadrinhados pelos heróis daquelas guitar bands dos 90´s, Second Come e The Cigarettes, lembram deles? Pois é, a Lavinha, para os íntimos, tocou em todo canto e com muita gente divulgando seu EP, mas o plano ainda não estava completo....
Depois de muitas tramas, eis que a data cabalística 27.07.2017 foi escolhido para o golpe fatal: surge então “Plush”, o debute; o primeiro disco, via, a cultuada Midsummer Madness, não a tôa, casa dos heróis de nossos heróis, sim eles mesmo, Second Come e The Cigarettes.
E o plano meus caros, o plano funcionou, recheado de ruídos,microfonias, desilusões, excessos e muito, muito amor.

Renato Malizia

I Feel You

Here is something that you will never have
Holding hands with someone you do care
You are doomed to keep it like this
Pretending happiness, do you really dare?
Why not?

I feel you

These are lips that you will never kiss
These are arms that you will never hug
Wasting time and making people miss
Selfish bastard, trying to look tough
Then what?

I feel you

I'm taking your life
‘Cause I'm a coward
I arrested you good
‘Cause you won't leave me
‘Cause you won't leave me

Great Mistake

There is something wrong tonight
Shadows moving outside
Voices whisper in my head
Go away!

Somebody is knocking on my door
May be a friend or maybe not
Don’t have a shotgun in my hands
Great mistake!

I can see their eyes hunting me
Spaceships landing everywhere

Love Is

First I wasn't looking forward
I thought that you wouldn't cry
Someone quit making up your mind
It's true

Then I got a little colder
I thought it would be the same
A feeling asking for a name
It's true

Then I got a little closer
My heart could never step aside
I tried really really hard
It's true

Then I got a little older
I thought that you wouldn't mind
My song was ready to be tied to you

You and I should never be this far
This is what I always looked for
You and I playing this game
Running naked, what a shame
You and I should never be this far

Then I got a little closer
My heart could never step aside
I tried really really hard
It's true

Then I got a little older
I thought that you wouldn't mind
My song was ready to be tied to you

Inside His Eyes

All the times I thought that I could lie
Even knowing nothing, I would try
All the bitter times we had these fights
I sure realize it was a crime

All the little time we had to fight
Building all this memories I got

Maybe I should try to hide
To find me something really mine
Maybe I should stare his forehead
So I'll never be inside his eyes

All the times we both started a fight
I should realize it was a crime
That would be the weakness of my will
Killing me, my sleep, my choice to chill

My Boy

My boy, it’s your last resort
There’s a hole in you that I feel
I told you
I’m living on borrowed time

You’re gone
And the cold arrived
Don’t even repaired the bike
Days washed down with coffee
And I can’t talk talk talk talk


I’m in a lack of joy
And there is nothing I can do
I’m trading days for nights
And I can feel my tears fall


I can’t go ahead
I can’t get away
I just wanna stay here right now

Gasline (Time Is Not On My Side)

I still have blood inside my veins
Can not tell the same of your friends
What you see is not what it seems
Yes, I swear, hope you understand

Time is not on my side
Everything smells gasoline

You don't care if I'm alive or dead
Don't blame me, it was not my choice
There's no time to explain it all
Hold my hand, we still can go on

Time is not on your side
Everything smells gasoline

Forbidden Steps On Heart

Pressed to remind
You’re just like this
Like a river running scared
The chance is the same

Who always believed
That love could rise
Tired out, it’s hurting me

Hash And Weed

I used to hang around
With people that I found
Sparkling screaming sounds 
And dancing through the dawn

Disturbing looking needs
We kiss within the beats
Just humans grinding teeth
Smoking hash and weed

But tonight
Tonight we'll set up traps that can mess up with our own heads
Tonight, tonight
This life has never meant to last this pointless minutes left
Surprise, rewind

Eddie Shumway Is Dead

Where did it happen?
She said when she heard the first bomb
And a child crying

Whenever this happened
I can smell death this far
But I know a pilot!

His only thoughts of her before, we could call love
Excuses to die, so far, you know, wouldn't be wrong

His cousin, a pilot
Rhonda's best friend (or more)
Gave him a ride

With Melmac collapsing
The boy just let her go
Away with her big love

They flew away without a look straight to planet earth
This place is known "the land of furs and true love

Natural Born Liar

Sometimes you don’t believe a word I say
Well, it’s just alright
You know I’m not the kind of person you can trust all the time

That’s why I’m singing, honey
I promise you that I ain’t gonna lie again
This was the last time, honey
I was born a liar but I love you, it’s true

Sometimes you cry, I can’t help doing you wrong sometimes
You know I’m not the kind of person you can trust all the time



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